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Hypnosis works by temporarily accessing a deeper mental state and giving your mind a new idea that is within the bounds of your belief system and moral orientation. The subconscious mind accepts and integrates this hypnotic suggestion as new reality. Through this shift internal emotional conflicts, cognitive dissonance, spiritual blockages, and self-defeating thought patterns can be overcome.

Surprising to some, online counseling has all the potency of an in-person session. With video meetings body language, as well as spoken words, are apparent. As an intuitive, I notice nonverbal cues along with words. I’ve worked with people around the globe. Any quiet, private place with internet can become your half of the therapy office.


Shamanic journeys are inspired by a steady rhythmic beat created by the drum or rattle.  A non ordinary state of consciousness is felt as I guide you to different realms.  The Upper World is a realm where you meet an Ancient One who provides spiritual guidance about solving your problems and moving towards your heartfelt desires.
I use Lakota and Peruvian methods learned from traditional shamans.

As an empath I can sense your emotions in a very direct way. Because I have a daily, spiritual practice that helps me stay open-hearted and open-minded, I often intuitively sense the best remedies for whatever is distressing you as well as the path forward leading to your happiness.

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