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Receiving Guidance From Your Ancestors Even After They Have Passed On

I have had several young mothers seek out hypnotherapy because they are grieving the death of their own mothers. When a woman becomes a parent she naturally longs for her own mother to guide and support her as she explores the new terrain of caring for a newborn with endless needs. I offer two invaluable resources for women, or men, who are aching for their mother’s love.

Through hypnotic trance a soul journey, as it’s known in the shamanic world, is invoked. This journey is effortless for the client. In fact, the client relaxes on a sofa as if taking a short nap. That is the beauty of hypnotherapy. The rational mind that efforts so relentlessly during our days is, for once, suspended and resting. Following my verbal guidance, with my calm soothing voice, I first help you relax the tension in your mind and body from head to toe. The image of warm soothing water washing away tension and stress works beautifully for most people.

After the body is relaxed and the breath has deepened I lead you on a journey. A large, open meadow in the height of springtime beauty is the beginning of the journey. Then a cave is discovered, in the trance state, that leads through tunnels and comes out into another world. In this other world, sometimes called the spirit world, your loved one is invited to come to you. This process is done in a sacred and respectful manner. Without fail, the loved one does appear and a profound meeting of the minds occurs.

After initial contact, the client can ask questions of their loved one. Or simply bask in the unconditional love radiating from them. Communication happens quite directly through words or images. It often feels like a telepathic exchange without spoken words. The comfort and reassurance that results from this reunion is deeply restorative. A blessing is received, often in the form of a literal gift such as a crystal, jewel or sometimes it is something the spirit being used when they lived in the material world. I help the client ask how to use this gift, what it means. The instruction on what is to be done with the gift becomes clear. When the super logical mind is suspended magic can indeed happen.

When the client returns from the spirit world, back through the tunnel, they come back changed. A deep feeling of peacefulness and unconditional love is typically felt throughout the body and mind. This journey can be repeated as often as desired, to ask for specific guidance on a pressing issue, or simply to bask in the radiance of your loved one’s love. Questions about your childhood can also be asked and memories can be restored that perhaps were buried.

Clarifying both the joys and pains of the past are greatly assisted by calling upon your ancestors. Although they are no longer embodied they are still accessible. If this possibility is beyond your belief system there is another way to perceive it. Your own higher mind contains introjects of your ancestors. Some say their energy and history lives on within your DNA. So you can consider yourself as accessing your own wisdom mind, tapping into your familial consciousness, if you will. Our minds are vastly greater than we realize and there are realms that many never tap. It would be an honor to guide you into these unseen layers of your own inner world.

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