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What is the subconscious? It is the underground spring of creativity, nonlinear, deeper than the calculations of logic. Webster’s defines subconscious as: the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness. This is the great secret landscape of the mind that is hidden from your rational mind and yet is running your life.

That’s why it is critical to become aware of those masked thought patterns, emotional reactions and ultimately, beliefs. Our beliefs shape out lives every moment, from what we eat to our annual income. You see life is a series of moments in which hundreds of decisions are made every day. But if we are not aware, present in the moment, autopilot takes over and we think, react and behave out of mere habits.

My job as a hypnotherapist is to guide you as you excavate the contents of your subconscious mind. Then, like forgotten treasure, you are able to examine and sort and DISCARD obsolete, limiting beliefs and the emotional web connected to these imprisoning beliefs.

Why are beliefs so relevant? Because they are driving the show that is your life. We have to believe something is possible before we can create it in our lives. And negative beliefs are playing out in our “reality” every single day.

As an example, a girl grew up with a dad who was rarely home. When he was under the same roof with his daughter he typically did not inquire about her interests, thoughts or emotions. Instead he talked at length about his experiences of flying the small plane he co-owned with a few other men. He was completely absorbed in recalling his own adventures.

As an adult this woman becomes involved romantically with men who are narcissists. She listens endlessly as they talk about themselves, waiting, like she did as a girl, for the moment they will finally turn toward her and ask, with genuine interest, what she cares about, thinks, feels. This moment never arrives. Again and again she is disappointed in dating and she can’t figure out why “this keeps happening to me”.

Here we have the childhood imprint and the resulting belief (“the only way to be with a man is as a listener with, at least seemingly, unlimited interest in his stories, recollections and exploits. If I speak up about myself he might leave.”) This subconscious belief will affect the woman in the following fashion: She will be attracted to and attract selfish men who care very little about her. She will often feel like a victim, thinking, perhaps, “Why do these awful relationships keep happening to me?”

As a beginning, becoming aware of this old belief so it can be examined in the clear light of day, begins a shift in her mind. She may need to revisit these times with her dad in her memory before making a conscious decision to change what she is telling herself about herself. She may suddenly see options where none existed before. With my guidance as a hypnotherapist eventually she may rewrite the script for her interactions with men.

I will help her craft a new “suggestion” for the subconscious to embrace. Something like “I am now an outspoken, equal partner with the men I date. And they like it!” I will encourage her to envision what that looks like in a rehearsal in her head while in a trance state. This visualization becomes the springboard of the future she desires to create in her dating life.

To her amazement, she begins to behave differently with men. She finds it natural to simply speak up and share, including what she does not like. She begins to feel more empowered and self-directed. Every aspect of her life is impacted as she now chooses not to date men who are almost completely self-absorbed. That type of man bores her now, doesn’t pique her interest. Before he seemed fascinating to her and she was drawn to him like a moth to flame. She is coming into her POWER by reprogramming her subconscious mind with my guidance as a hypnotherapist.

This is but one example of deeply rooted change. We have countless beliefs of which we are unaware. They are producing some pretty messed up results in our daily life. The beauty is that we can become aware of, examine and then edit these beliefs, one by one. This is how we better our lives and finally, stop repeating unhappy patterns that were formed long ago when we were children.

This same process can be applied to beliefs about money, creativity, sexuality, opportunity. In fact, you can change any aspect of your existence if you do but choose. Please allow me to facilitate this shift for you using potent hypnotic trance work.

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